Bob Barker

Farewell to "The Price is Right"

Remembering Bob Barker: Farewell to the Legendary Host of "The Price is Right" as he passes away at 99.

Enduring Charm: Barker's timeless tan, contestant connection, and vibrant show set became his trademark during "The Price is Right."

Farewell to a Legend: Bob Barker's passing at age 99 leaves a void in the world of television.

Longest-Running Host: Barker's resilience set records, making "The Price is Right" synonymous with his enduring legacy.

Honoring Excellence: Barker's 18 Emmys, lifetime achievement award, and Hall of Fame induction celebrate his TV contributions.

Steadfast Presence: Barker's unmatched commitment resulted in a lasting legacy, making him TV's Most Durable Performer.

Successor's Tribute: Drew Carey pays homage, acknowledging Barker's enduring influence on "The Price is Right."

Silver Screen Debut: Barker's role in "Happy Gilmore" endeared him to a new generation, showcasing his versatility.

Lasting Impact: Bob Barker's humor, advocacy, and connection live on in the hearts of fans worldwide.